The Ultimate Guide to the Plot on Installment in Karachi

The desire to buy a plot on installment in Karachi has been increasing day by day. A lot of people want to go into the property sector and hence it’s becoming a growing potential. For decades, investors only look to gain short-term marginal profits. However, it caused practices that inflated the rise in properties on a dangerous scale. Due to this, many serious buyers needing a plot on installment in Karachi were left demotivated by this.

However, for the last few years, the real estate industry of Karachi saw a favorable amount of inclination and policies. These paved the way for change and allowed more transparency when it came to buying a plot on installment in Karachi. Due to recent challenges, the issue in the property market has declined, allowing more opportunities to make your first plot purchase.

Currently, the country is facing a massive shortage of houses which seems to be only increasing day by day. With a proper approach, a better future for this sector is available for those searching for plots for sale in Karachi in installments. If you are just starting in this area, then this is the absolute beginner’s guide for you to get the necessary details about buying the plot in Karachi. So, keep on reading to educate yourself completely on this topic.


Preliminary Necessities

Before you go on searching plots for sale in Karachi in installments, it is important to go through preliminary requirements. This part is all about verification and research about various claims. Furthermore, the following advice given below will assist you to avoid any type of possible fraud.


Searching the Plot Options in Offers

Going for a limited unit often serves as the priority of actually interested buyers. This is training and can be proven very effective. Not only does it help manage price tags and sales potential but also outs the risk of any possible fraud. Therefore, you go for projects managed by reputable dealers like Al-eman marketing before investing your money on the line. The experts always recommend purchasing a plot or property when the market prices are down.


Verify N.O.C and Relevant Approvals

Always stay alert and aware of possible marketing gimmicks and scams that are executed so professionally that it’s hard to consider them a fraud. As a safety precaution, it is always better to verify all the necessary details of the land including approval documents and more. It should also include approvals for gas, electricity, sewerage lines, water, and more. Know that when looking for easy installment plots in Karachi, one can easily get lost, so make sure you don’t.


Keep an Eye Out for Property Fraud

Nowadays, a lot of housing schemes are created as a fraud by presenting themselves as legit ones. This is done through the use of attractive brochures, sites, and social media networks. Verifying the details of the dealer should always be the first step before going into the details of the project. Following this, ensure the legitimacy of the payment plan shared with you. It must include the mention of the charges needed for the development, membership as well as registration, and other charges.


Inquire about Timelines and Specific Information

Ask for proofs and verification related to NOC, even if it’s in developmental phases, you can always get proofs. Therefore, you should also have an estimation written about the handover before you invest. Also, make sure that the developer is free from any type of investigation and relevant inquiries. Concerned administrations are interested to introduce transparent methods in this sector. Thus, the future for easy installment plots in Karachi is looking bright in the upcoming years.


Confirmation of Rates

Based on the actual society plan, the price of the property can be different depending on the project to the project. This might work well in case you pick a plot in a developed project, but don’t proceed without precautions. If you are going to proceed, research well and inquire everything about the active rates in the overall market. For completing this phase, connect with a lot of property agents whom you can inquire about the market rate with. Keep a similar plot in consideration and make sure to bargain as much as possible. Negotiating is always good and can help you well.

The margin increases negotiation even more when talking about residential plots on installments in Karachi. Since the market lacks active buyers, factors mentioned related to it should be considered.


Settle Commissions Properly

Commissions when it comes to real estate agents are usually 1% of the overall value of the property. If a real estate agent is involved in the process, then he is entitled to get a 1% commission. He can get the commission from both the buyer as well as the seller. There are also situations where the agent can settle for another decided amount. Some agents work on 2% while the rest of them are also searching for a commission percentage below the rate of 1%.

It all comes down to how good the negotiation skills of the buyer are. The property agent can easily settle his commission which favors both. In any situation, the details must be compromised properly before the final purchase is to be made. Keep in mind, the buyer is not supposed to be paying the agent anything else than the commission.


Transferring the Property Ownership in Karachi

Even though the residential plots on installments in Karachi are easy to buy and process around the country is simple. But since you are a beginner, it can help you with correctly buying the property. Mentioned below is a step-by-step process you can follow to learn to do the transfer properly.


Applying for an NDC

The NDC is simply the proof of the property about the dues or taxes. What the NDC is telling you is that the seller isn’t on any defaulted dues or taxes. Issuance of these certificates should be the initial step before the overall transfer of the property. To obtain the certificate, both the buyer and seller should visit the society’s office. The seller provides his allotment letter to the officer dealing in transfer. To place a general request for the issuance of NDC, the seller completes a form. The form should be submitted alongside other necessary documents. These documents should have the inclusion of;

  • A photocopy of the allotment letter.
  • Photocopy of both the seller’s and the buyer’s CNIC.

Most of the time it takes about two days for the complete procedure to be carried on. Societies also charge for the issuance of this certificate as the processing fee. The seller is bounded to submit this fee in which the charges can be different from the preceding ones. These charges also differ based on the overall size and value of the property. However, if the buyer requires these documents urgently, he will have to pay double the fee. In this scenario, the certificate is issued on the exact day.


Obtain a Property Purchase Agreement

The property purchase agreement can occur the day NDC is issued. For this requirement, the buyer and seller submit an affidavit to ensure that the facts and everything is clear.


Buyer and Seller Affidavit

The buyer makes sure that he hasn’t paid any taxes due on the ploy yet as well as an agreement to pay these. He also makes the payment for the variations in development fees on demand of the society. While in the document, the buyer confirms his ownership of the mentioned plot. He requests that society cancel the allotment of the plot in the favor of the buyer. The document includes all the necessary info about the buyer.


The Plot Sale Agreement

The document proceeds with a set pattern that includes details of the seller as well as the buyer. Aside from that, it has the date of agreement alongside the details of the confirmed price of the plot. Moreover, the confirmation by the seller about the payment made by the buyer should also be included.


Method of Payment

Once everything is processed, the buyer should make the final payment discussed for the plot. Furthermore, he will also be required to pay the stamp duty of about 5% of the overall price of the plot as well as the membership fees.

Please make sure about the society you are dealing with. Some of them do not accept payments in cash or check form. Instead, they deal with a pay order using a bank draft or other preferred methods of payment. This is where the overall transferring process begins once completed.


Transferring the Plot

The seller must follow the proper procedure for the transfer of the plot. This process may be different when comparing one society to the other one. The practices processed for document property agreements in Pakistani cities are similar. In the majority of the cases, the required documents for the transfer included the documents mentioned below.

  • Form of transfer application
  • The actual letter of allotment
  • NDC
  • Affidavit of transfer with 2 photocopies
  • Buyer’s affidavit
  • Plot selling agreement
  • Membership application with 2 passport-size photos
  • Photocopies of buyer’s and seller’s CNIC
  • Witnesses’ photocopies.
  • Originally issued document of statement

These necessary documents are submitted in the presence of both the seller as well as the buyer. From here on, the buyer receives the issuance of the allotment letter following special circumstances. Buyer is, however, bound to pay the necessary fee issuance for the letter of allotment.


Settling the Agent’s Commission

Once the submission of documents is completed, both the parties pay commission decided for the agent. Agents follow the process closely to make sure that their efforts were worth it. The agent will most definitely be there to help you through the process. He will also make sure you are informed of the required documents before the payment. By all means, payment of his service is due by now.


Collection of the Letter of Allotment

Housing societies take about seven working days most of the time to issue this letter of allotment. The buyer can get it done on an urgent basis by the use of extra payments. These extra charges also differ based on one developer to another.



Once you got your allotment letter, make sure you secure it properly. The process to re-issue these documents are problematic and very lethargic. However, if you want complete consultation in the entire process, then going with names like Al-Eman marketing will surely ease things up for you. This pretty much sums up this guide and everything related to the plots you needed as a beginner. Make sure you are following these procedures properly and you will have no problems in buying your first plot.